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Artist Profile


Yenna Mariana is an illustrator based in Jakarta. She picked up a pencil at 4 years old and thus began her journey in illustration. Growing up she would doodle everywhere, especially in her schoolbook. She then went on to study illustration and animation for 4 years, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2017.

Yenna has had the opportunity to collaborate on various children's projects such as animated series, short films, and picture books. She usually works digitally and loves to use bright colors in her illustrations. When she's not illustrating, she does yoga, reads books, photographs the clouds, and watches cat and dog videos on Instagram. Yenna currently lives in a city with her cat but is planning to move where the beaches are closer.

Think we can create something together? Feel free to get in touch!


Igloo Books, North Parade Publishing, Townhouse Books, Curious Universe,

Kiwi Co, Girls on The Run, and Apocryphile press


"We love working with Yenna and always know that she’ll do a fantastic job with any project we give her. She’s a pleasure to work with and delivers beautiful, high-quality artwork. As well as being great at following our briefs and feedback, she consistently meets our deadlines and often sends work early. We can’t wait to work with her again!"

Igloo Books

"We adored Yenna’s artwork from the moment we discovered her and knew we needed to get her onboard for an upcoming project. It turns out that not only were her illustrations excellent, but she proved an absolute pleasure to work with. She was happy to take our brief and make it her own. Even though the format we gave her was slightly complex with flaps and cut-through holes, she showed enthusiasm and understanding throughout the project,

was always thorough when it came to any amendments and feedback, and produced

a wonderful final product. Thank you Yenna!”

North Parade Publishing


Let’s Go Yum Cha Again! (2023) - Illustrator

  • Featured in the Book Illustrator Gallery 2023 at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCCSG).

  • Featured and won the Juri’s Choice Award at the Art Exhibition “Ini juga Ilustrasi #2” by Ilustrasee Indonesia.


Let’s Go Yum Cha (2022) - Illustrator

  • Featured in the Book Illustrator Gallery 2022 at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCCSG).


Fun Treehouse (2022) - Illustrator

  • Featured on the virtual Illustrator wall at Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Ahasveros (2021, UMN) - Background Artist

  • Winner of the Short Animation Film category at Festival Film Indonesia.

Atlas Boy Adventures (2020, Aaska Productions) - Illustrator

  • Winner of the Short Animation Film category at Piala Maya.

The Prodigal (2019, Maxx Animation) - Illustrator

  • Second Place Winner for Animation at Cinema at the Bayou.

Puteri Mandalika (2018) - Illustrator

  • Finalist in the Illustrate a Story Category at Erlangga Talent Week.

Selfie (2018) - Illustrator

  • Finalist in the 8-Second Film Category at Hellofest.

Arden (2017, Pemamam Productions) - Background Artist

  • Official Selection at the 21 Islands International Short Film Festival.

Parte (2015, Pemamam Productions) - Background Artist

  • Nominated for Best Short Animation Film at Festival Film Indonesia.

  • Nominated for Best Short Animation Film at Piala Maya.

  • Winner of Best Story at Baros International Animation Festival.

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